Although cremation dates back to ancient times, it has only recently become a more common choice throughout the United States.

People choose cremation for a variety of reasons. Some do so based on environmental considerations. Others have philosophical or religious reasons. Still others choose cremation because they feel it is simpler and less complicated. Whatever the reason, Dulaney Valley Family Service Advisors are here to help you with any questions you may have regarding cremation.

Cremated remains may be interred in the traditional manner in a family site, single grave, or niche within the community mausoleum complex. The mausoleum contains interior glass front niches as well as exterior granite front niches. The cemetery also offers niches in a wall surrounding The Apostles Circle.

Ground Burial Inurnment

Families may place cremated remains in a standard size space within a family lot. Or, the cemetery has smaller spaces specially designed for cremation only with a bronze marker for personal memorialization.

Marble or Granite Front Niches

Dulaney Valley has several choices for outside niches. Niches are located in the Eternal Light Feature, Last Supper Feature and in the community mausoleum complex.

Apostles Circle Wall Niches

Niches are built into a wall surrounding the Apostles Circle Lawn Crypt Garden.

Glass Front Niches

For many families, interior niches are the preferred choice as the final resting space for cremated remains. The Dulaney Valley mausoleum contains elegant niches with clear-glass fronts in a bronze wall unit with faceted, stained glass panels. These niches offer families more options for personal memorialization. A family may want to tell the life story of a loved one by choosing an appropriate urn. The family may place personal mementos within designated niches. The glass-front niches afford a family the opportunity to view the urn in the peaceful setting.

Pre-developed Niches in the Open-Air Chapel

Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens now offers niches in our pre-constructed open-air chapel at pre-development discounts.

Cremation Benches

Granite cremation benches memorialized with a bronze plaque or sandblasted lettering line the golf course, and around the edge of the two acre Swan Lake. In addition, a few sites are located throughout the cemetery in pre-designated, premium locations. Most benches are designed to hold four sets of cremated remains.

Bronze Giving Tree Urn

Dulaney Valley offers a bronze "Giving Tree" urn which is a 16" x 12" bronze tree trunk containing a true-to-nature urn. These urns are offered in the newly developed Rose of Sharon Garden, a peaceful cremation garden of Rose of Sharon bushes that border the tranquil stream feeding into Swan Lake.

Cremation Boulders

Also located in the Rose of Sharon Cremation Garden, along a tranquil stream with beautiful rose bushes are replicas of rocks with chambers provide a natural way to remember your loved ones while providing attractive landscaping. Each granite boulder is individually hand cut and is unique in shape and form.

Cremation Urns

Urns are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes, and composition: Bronze, Wood, and Cultured Marble. When you choose an urn, you are creating a permanent memorial, one that reflects your character and your personal taste. The cemetery encourages you to take your time to learn about the different materials and designs that are available.

The memories you hold of your loved one are precious and unique. The right urn will help you honor those memories. You may purchase an urn before there is a need. When a loved one dies, emotions and responsibilities can be over-whelming.

Cremated remains can be buried in a family site, placed in a cremation bench, cremation feature, boulder, mausoleum niche, glass front niche or kept at home in an urn.

Cremation Jewelry

As the decision to choose cremation versus a traditional burial has increased, so too has the demand for more personalized options for containing cremated remains. Dulaney Valley is pleased to respond to this request by offering a collection of custom cremation jewelry to keep your loved one close at heart. Each unique piece of jewelry is available in sterling silver, gold-plating, yellow or white gold, and almost all include engraving options. A beloved pet can also be memorialized in this way.

Please stop into the office to view a display of these lovely pieces firsthand.

Art Glass

Imagine memorializing your loved one in a stunning work of art. Art Glass is a one of a kind, hand-crafted glass keepsake encapsulating a small amount of cremated remains. Available in several designs and four beautiful color palettes, Art Glass provides a personal keepsake to cherish your loved one at home.

Inurnment Service Fees

For traditional ground placement, the inurnment service fee includes the opening and closing of the grave, greens, tent and chairs. When placing ashes in a cremation product such as a bench, boulder, or tree urn, the fee includes the opening and closing of these items. For cremated remains placed in a marble, granite or glass front niche, the fee includes the removal and replacement of the niche front. The inurnment fee also includes administration fees such as permanent record keeping and documentation.