Garden of Tranquility

The Garden of Tranquility, a 7-acre Asian inspired garden designed in the tradition of Feng Shui, appeals to a wide spectrum of the community, in particular, people who simply appreciate the beauty of the site. Every element, from the pagoda to the labyrinth to the infinity path to the peace pole, has been chosen with specific intention. The garden is available to families of all backgrounds to celebrate and remember their loved ones.

Among the elements incorporated into the garden are:
a pagoda designed and placed at the entrance of the garden,
a labyrinth for contemplation and connection,

animal guardian topiaries (tiger, phoenix and dragon), reflection benches etched with flowers representing a variety of Asian nations; and an alter/incense burner for visitors to place fruit and other offerings.

Fallen Heroes Memorial

Over the last thirty years, the community has identified Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens with the burial of members of Maryland's Public Safety Community who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The Fallen Heroes section was dedicated in 1976 when the founder, John Armiger Sr. set aside 330 spaces for the burial of firefighters, rescue personnel, paramedics, police and correctional officers. Dulaney Valley, without charge, provides complete cemetery arrangements for the Fallen Hero and spouse.

Circle of the Immortals

The Circle of the Immortals was dedicated in 1967. The Circle is reserved for Marylanders killed in action. Dulaney Valley, without charge, provides complete cemetery arrangements for the service person. Lots are available adjacent to each site for members of the family. More than twenty-five service men and women are buried within the Circle. The official Baltimore County World War II and Korean War Memorial is located within the Circle of Immortals.

The Circle of the Immortals is enclosed by a low stone wall and nine historic flags of our nation, including a replica of the Fort McHenry Battle Flag, flying from individual poles embedded in the Circle. An integral part of this feature is the fifty-foot flagpole in the center of the Circle. A bronze plaque sits at the base of the flagpole with the names of those buried in the Circle. Various bronze memorial plaques sit along the stone wall.

The John O. Mitchell Family pledges to continue the tradition of honoring those who serve our country by welcoming the community to pay tribute to these dedicated men and women. Dulaney Valley hosts the annual Memorial Day Ceremony within the Circle of Immortals.

Last Supper

"The Last Supper" feature, weighing forty-two tons, with its setting between Roman columns, depicts a "Life of Christ Feature." The forty-four foot long and fourteen foot high hand-carved relief of Leonardo da Vinci's interpretation of "The Last Supper" was hand-carved out of pure white marble from the Ravaccione quarry in Carrara, Italy. It is one of the finest features in the United States.

Garden of Good Shepherd

Dulaney Valley's Good Shepherd feature consists of a Christus and five lambs. The eight-ton sculpture group depicts a scene from the life of Christ. The feature was carved out of Carrara White marble.

Garden of Innocents

Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens opened a section known as The Garden of Innocents in 1960. The garden was created to provide parents with a beautiful, inexpensive resting place for young children. At a later date, when the family is in a better financial position to purchase a lot at Dulaney Valley, the family may reinter their infant on their own lot.

A blithe and happy child known as the "The Duck Girl" sits surrounded by geese in the center of the Garden of Innocents. The bronze is the work of Bernard Zuckerman, of the Pompeian Studios, located in New York City. On its base is a bronze tablet with a selection from "The Little Sandman's Song," an English translation of the German version written by Louis Untermmeyer.

Holy Cross Garden

The most impressive garden within the cemetery is the Holy Cross Garden. The central feature is a one and one-half times life-size replica of Michelangelo's Pieta. Dulaney Valley's Pieta was carved using marble quarried in Carrara, Italy - the same region where Michelangelo obtained the marble for his enduring masterpiece. Except for the size, our statue is a faithful recreation of the original.

La Pieta

The "Pieta", weighing 20,000 pounds, was placed in the Holy Cross Garden in 1965. Ordered in 1960, the Dulaney Valley feature was carved from a 729 cubic foot block of Carrara White marble.

The feature is the body of Christ in the arms of His Mother after the descent from the Cross. Created by Michelangelo, when he was very young, the work brought him instant recognition.

Built in the base surrounding the "Pieta" feature, are 224 crypts, which provide for aboveground entombment. Built between two stone walls is an area set aside for the new Pieta Cremation Memorial Garden. Please ask one of our Family Service Advisors for the details.

The Catholic Church now accepts cremation as an appropriate means of burial. The Church requires that cremated remains must be buried or entombed - not separated, scattered, stored or displayed. Dulaney Valley Memorial Garden's Pieta Cremation Garden offers the piety of a Catholic burial with the advantages of cremation.

Masonic Garden

The Masonic Garden is available for those who wish to make a selection near our Masonic Feature. The Masonic organization uses builders' tools as symbols to teach basic moral truths. The feature represents the oldest and largest fraternity of men in the world dedicated to the brotherhood of man. Masonry teaches each person that they have a responsibility to make things better in the world. The purpose of Masonry is to enable men to meet in harmony, promote friendship, and to be charitable.

Field of Honor

Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens dedicated the veterans section known as Field of Honor in 1967. Nine veteran organizations supported the dedication of the six and one-half acre garden. The garden is set aside for the burial of honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces of the United States along with their families.

Eternal Light Garden

The Eternal Light Feature sits atop the highest point on the property from which there is a breathtaking view of the cemetery, especially Swan Lake and the Dulaney Princesses.

The Eternal Light feature, constructed with local Butler stone, contains crypts along the outside of the feature along with small family estates enclosed by bushes.

Wishing Well & Rose of Sharon Cremation Garden

Dulaney Valley's wishing well, located at the western end of our Lake, is the central focus in the newly developed Rose of Sharon Cremation Garden. Inurnment options include placement in rustic benches, natural-looking boulders, pedestal features, traditional in-ground burials with stylized bronze memorials or in bronze tree stumps. The rose bushes bloom annually along the tranquil stream and create a beautiful and peaceful setting.