Pet Haven

Since 1967, the Pet Haven has provided pet owners with the opportunity to inter their devoted pets with dignity in an area within the cemetery. For over forty-five years, Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens' Pet Haven has been offered as an affordable sanctuary for pet burials. This section is the final resting place for a horse, a pony, two potbellied pigs, a chinchilla, a squirrel, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and over 3,000 cats and dogs.

An evocative bronze sculpture of a praying boy embodies the devotion of pet owners and is the source of comforting serenity in the Pet Haven section.

Pet Sanctuary

To meet community needs we opened a newly landscaped pet garden behind the mausoleum complex.  Dulaney Valley continues to offer a range of spaces, caskets, and bronze memorials for traditional pet burials. If you prefer, you may place cremated remains in a wall of granite niches or in niches within an octagon base supporting a life-size bronze statue of a golden retriever and a cat which forms the centerpiece of the new Pet Sanctuary.

Faithful Friends

You asked, we listened. In this garden people and their beloved pets are together forever.

Cremation Bench

For those who choose to place their cremains with those of their pets, Dulaney Valley offers a limited number of cremation benches in the center circle of the new Pet Sanctuary garden. Please contact your Dulaney Valley Family Service Advisor immediately if you are considering a combination bench as an option.

Service Dogs

In 1967, at the inception of Pet Haven, Dulaney Valley instituted a program which provides free burials for active and retired police and rescue dogs. The cemetery will continue this tradition by burying certified service dogs at no charge in a section set aside within the new Pet Sanctuary garden. A nameplate on a stone feature will recognize the faithful service dogs.